We are the official distributor of renowned companies for automation and robotic technology. Our technology enables the automation and robotization of various processes, from grinding and polishing to welding and cutting.



PushCorp is a leading manufacturer of robotic tools and specializes in material removal equipment. As inventors of force matching devices, their innovative solutions enable the automation of thousands of robotic processes worldwide. Every year they add new surface finishing products to their portfolio. Whether you are a manufacturer or an integrator of robotic systems, we offer tools that help you automate your manual processes. We are ready to discuss your project and support you in achieving high quality and consistency in your surface finishing application.

With a strong presence in the automotive and aerospace industries, customers expect products that will last for many years and continuous flawless use. In order to ensure this high quality, they decided that as many products as possible should be manufactured and assembled internally. Therefore, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas, performs machining on as much as 95% of all components. With our impressive arsenal of CNC machines and measuring equipment, we can create extremely high-quality parts for new tools, repairs, and research and development projects. We also make custom mounts and tool holders to facilitate the integration of our equipment with your robot and abrasives, offering you the best solution yet.

In addition to being an agent for PushCorp, we are also their integrators, offering you a turnkey solution for your automation or robotics needs.

By partnering with PushCorp, we open the door to new possibilities in automating your production.

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Wittenstein SE, a renowned global company in the field of precision mechanics and drives, offers a wide range of high-quality products that will improve your industrial applications.

Their field of application and expertise: 

Automation, robotization, production of machines and tools, wood processing, semiconductors and electronics, plastic and rubber processing, food and pharmaceutical industry, packaging industry, medical technology, nano technology, oil and gas industry, aviation industry and battery production. 

In our product range you can find:

Servo reducers – for precise and reliable power transmission
Geared linear systems – for smooth movement and positioning
Servo systems – for superior control and management of movements
Servo motors – for high dynamics and reliability
Software for Wittenstein systems (cymex® 5) – for performance optimization
Servo drives – for efficient motor control
Custom gears – for customized needs
Servo actuators – for precise and powerful movements

And much more.

You can visit their website for the complete product range here .