OLUK ORP Robotic tracks

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ORP technical specifications

Type Capacity (kg) Repeatability Speed
ORP 500 500 +/- 0,1 mm up to 3 m/s
ORP 1000 1000 +/- 0,1 mm up to 3 m/s
ORP 2000 2000 +/- 0,1 mm up to 3 m/s
ORP 3000 3000 +/- 0,1 mm up to 3 m/s
OLUK ORP Robotic tracks

Your Solution for Industrial Automation

OLUK ORP Robotic Tracks provide an outstanding combination of performance and adaptability for your automation needs:

  • Universal Compatibility: Our design enables perfect integration with leading robotic arm manufacturers, such as FANUC, KUKA, Yaskawa and ABB.
  • Adjustable Loads: You can choose loads of 3000 kg, 2000 kg, 1000 kg and 500 kg, and if necessary we can adjust them according to your specifications.
  • Impressive Speeds: Our systems enable fast robot travel speeds of up to 3 m/s, thus increasing productivity.
  • Wittenstein quality: We use Wittenstein elements for extremely linear motion and centralized lubrication, ensuring superior quality and reliability.
  • Robotic tracks up to 12 meters long from one segment
  • Flexibility: the ability to connect several segments, which gives you an impressive linear stroke of the robot that exceeds 30 meters. This gives you exceptional flexibility in your automated processes.
  • Assembly: We also offer assembly services at your facilities for quick and easy integration.

OLUK ORP Robotic Tracks are the perfect solution for achieving high precision and efficiency in your automated operations.

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